Monday, 8 June 2009

Trials of Dalaran

So this is the first blog,

I made this site today just to write my experiences and how im feeling. The date is 07/06/09.

To start with my Name is Grant Abernethy or Abbo to my friends.

My characters on World of Warcraft are Orkishna and Healishna and my guild currently is XII. My best friend in the world is a guy called Chemp. He also plays World of Warcraft. We do so many things together online (nothing dodgey :P) I have stayed up till the early hours of the morning to talk to him before. I feel he's more a brother to me than a friend.
His characters are Chemp Deadlymilk Bleedmore

So what to write in my first blog huh? I think i should get straight to the point. I enjoy pvp, I want to improve my skills and obtain a title and maybe one day get Gladiator?

We will start with what i play.
Orkishna warrior arms
Healishna Priest Discipline

My main PvP character at the moment is my priest and I am currently doing 2's with my arena partner Deadlymilk. We are Death Knight Discipline Priest. There are many different tactics we adopt during our games and although Chemp sometimes doesn't know it. If I tell him to stick to something it may not neccesarily be to kill. It might be just to outlast them or put pressure onto our opposition. Chemp and me are now working very well and have started clawing our way up the arena ratings while playing 10-15 games a week. I personally would love to be doing 50 odd games a week but time is quite pressed for our team.

Here is an example of a recent game we lost and why we lost it.
Deathknight Druid vs Disc priest Deathknight (me and chemp) in dalaran sewers

The game started off very well, the enemy death knight was closing on me and chemp was closing on the druid. My idea was to out last the druid and force him to cast instead of HoTing the death knight. This went well to start with but the druid just kept slipping offa nd drinking all the time I was getting off mana burns etc but the druid wasn't going OOM without a fight. In the end the deathknight got the kill on me because i was completly out of tricks. The druid just kept on line of sighting us and getting away with travel form.

The result was we lose and chemp annihalated his Headphones :'(
Now next time i am eager to try just setting chemp onto the enemy death knight forcing the druid to heal and stand close while i will dispell/mana burn the drood and force him into making mistakes.

After games i always try to work out how I went wrong and what I can do to better my performance next time. I am slightly obsessive when it comes down to things such as arena and making sure i don't lose again.

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading my first blog


x x x

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  1. Hey Ork. IT"S DARK :p. Try to put some pics up. And your blog also is a ver nice place to make a blogroll of the blogs you read.

    And remember, write for yourself. If other people like it, that's nice, but in the end, you need to write stuff which concerns you, or you just want to write down.

    It is also handy to see what you did some time ago.