Sunday, 28 June 2009

Enough is Enough

Well there is only so much 1200 rating 2v2 pvp i can take, its that annoying that my 2v2 team just isn't working. We have tried our best to make our Unholy Death Knight Disciplne priest work.

It should be working up untill about 1800 rating but we just can't seem to make it work. Its fair enough beating around the bush and claiming our enemy were overpowered and we are more skilled than them, Well we got out played like 5 times by a Hunter Priest. Its annoying to have to admit but we just ain't playing the way we should,

Hopefully in my 3v3 team i can gain some extra gear and make my character better than she is atm, I hope that Chemp maybe goes and hunts down a drood for the 2v2 so he can laugh and me and kill me in 2v2 rofl (we all know chemp can take me 1v1) (Tru Fax!)

Maybe we will reform our team and try again or maybe I'll hunt a rogue or warrior? God knows. I just wanna get on with it and play chain arena games even if we did do bad, i like to still play and at least gain some rating, Chempo just got so pissed off i think that he burns out everytime we play 2v2 lol (inc Xmas pressie)


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