Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Weekend at Ettarean and Argana's House Part 1!!!


I arrived at Lancaster at around 3 o'clockish. Me and Lucy went to grab my first ever Subway!!! After this we went to the supermarket and had a bus ride to the good old village of which i can't quite remember the name :O

I arrived at the house of David and Lucy and was warmly welcomed by a very exited dog called bobby and a friendly warlock...David!!! I got settled in and had a nice sit on the awesome sofa. Lucy decided she wanted to go upstairs and have a nap, So david showed me this awesome addon thing, which turned his combat log into a graph, We could see who was failing at what etc, it was great fun, He's a VERY smart guy, Bordering on genius. While David was explaining all this cool stuff, I was getting to know the Bobby better, Lucy awoke and made a very tasty Tomatoe pasta dish, nom nom nom. We were then watching the athletics and decided to go to bed shortly after.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

1760 meh

Okay so in 2's, we got to 1760, then all of a sudden today. we have played 8 games, and lots 7. Its like what the fuck, why are we losing so much all of a sudden,

Well? Its so fucking annoying, We keep losing to damn huntard teams. fuck sake just go die in a fucking fire.

well on 3's we also reached 175o but meh

This games needs balencing.

Prot pala nerf inc btw :O

Thursday, 30 July 2009



33W -17L
Been going very good on the 2's front, i made my new team today with Fister from Afk, Very fun :P

We beat most other teams, We lost 2 games to a retlol Moonkin in a RNG rage lol :P It was early in the morning so we were both tired (9am is early for me!)


We got the achievement Three's company 1550 and we are getting better and im now even better geared, Been enjoying playing PMR and taking down most other teams, Its mostly fun experiences. The main teams that take us out are DKLD which are damn annoying because having two pets which have an interupt is annoying when they are attacking you.

In other news, Chemp has decided to ignore me because im now playing 2's with a rogue from afk. All i can say is Meh, I hope he decides to unignore me soon. But meh? what more can i do


Monday, 27 July 2009

The good with the bad

Firstly before i begin, Mr Sajuuk my ex class leader has left WoW, I just wanna thank him for some great laughs :P

I am now in a new team with a player named "Fister" he is a rogue and we play rogue priest. Our combo is working perfectly I play more aggresivly with my new combo, we will be starting a proper team next weekend i hope.


30-21 1566 rating

Me Darknesser and Gipzy have been working hard to win more games, we will be getting the challenger title at the end of the season if we carry on working, RMP is a fun combo to work on and i enjoy every game, We lost two games due to DC but meh, We also lost to a full furious Retlol rogue priest which basically took us out in one hit everytim, They were 2300 rating mind.

I will have to gear up a bit more.

Orki out

Sunday, 12 July 2009


2v2 so far this week has been really challenging. We faced many players at the same skill level as us and won, theres just one slight problem...

When we win we gain 4-6 rating
When we lose we lose 10-20 rating

So how does Blizzard expect us to get our rating higher? The arena system is less shakey than in S5 but by far is still not perfect. We have started beating many different combo's which we before deemed unbeatable. we have found the way round druid Warrior teams. We hurt the Drood so much he wastes Barkskin leaving his innervate an easy target for us.

8-6 1268
So 3v3 is going great. 1384 10-8 two of our losses were due to me and Darknesser being retarded. Pfft we really need to concentrate eh?

We did well mind in our 3v3 and took down many PMR mirriors. Mirrors are fun because you can see how good you really are compared to other such teams. Once again our mage is heading off for a week GRR!

My priest also rejoined the Guild XII just to lounge around, im not planning to do much raiding (meh im sure i will do some soon though

Orki out

Monday, 29 June 2009

Facerollz, Chemp and Flame war

Okay, it is the day after my big pissed off explosion of being out played by a Hunter Priest team which made my arena partner dissapear for the night (or so i thought) I read his blog and the hunter hit him with the dreaded bluescreen! fucking marksman hunters hey? not only silence me but hit his comp! run to the hillz!

So anyway on saturday night i was playing on a friends retlol and i was second damge :'( So i decided to try and Faceroll on Patchwerk! Top dps ftw! It seriously works, Everyone else in the room were laughing so hard at me but meh? who gives a fuck.

As im writing this im listening to the awesome we didn't start the flame war song, it rocks so good.

So were are we now?

Sorta screwed, I'll see if chemp wants to carry on first, If not fair enough, I will have to find another if he wishes to stop.

Well my rouge (Gipzy) has had an operation and now can't currently play so im just waiting for him to get better

Get well soon!

So lets hope things turn out ok.


Sunday, 28 June 2009

Enough is Enough

Well there is only so much 1200 rating 2v2 pvp i can take, its that annoying that my 2v2 team just isn't working. We have tried our best to make our Unholy Death Knight Disciplne priest work.

It should be working up untill about 1800 rating but we just can't seem to make it work. Its fair enough beating around the bush and claiming our enemy were overpowered and we are more skilled than them, Well we got out played like 5 times by a Hunter Priest. Its annoying to have to admit but we just ain't playing the way we should,

Hopefully in my 3v3 team i can gain some extra gear and make my character better than she is atm, I hope that Chemp maybe goes and hunts down a drood for the 2v2 so he can laugh and me and kill me in 2v2 rofl (we all know chemp can take me 1v1) (Tru Fax!)

Maybe we will reform our team and try again or maybe I'll hunt a rogue or warrior? God knows. I just wanna get on with it and play chain arena games even if we did do bad, i like to still play and at least gain some rating, Chempo just got so pissed off i think that he burns out everytime we play 2v2 lol (inc Xmas pressie)