Monday, 29 June 2009

Facerollz, Chemp and Flame war

Okay, it is the day after my big pissed off explosion of being out played by a Hunter Priest team which made my arena partner dissapear for the night (or so i thought) I read his blog and the hunter hit him with the dreaded bluescreen! fucking marksman hunters hey? not only silence me but hit his comp! run to the hillz!

So anyway on saturday night i was playing on a friends retlol and i was second damge :'( So i decided to try and Faceroll on Patchwerk! Top dps ftw! It seriously works, Everyone else in the room were laughing so hard at me but meh? who gives a fuck.

As im writing this im listening to the awesome we didn't start the flame war song, it rocks so good.

So were are we now?

Sorta screwed, I'll see if chemp wants to carry on first, If not fair enough, I will have to find another if he wishes to stop.

Well my rouge (Gipzy) has had an operation and now can't currently play so im just waiting for him to get better

Get well soon!

So lets hope things turn out ok.


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  1. Where the hell are you nub ork? we need to make chemp and ork cleave team :P