Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Is this really it?

Is this really it I am asking myself?

Can i really be bothered if it keeps happening the same way over and over again?

Currently I am personally bored with Wrath of the Lich king raiding, I don't really understand why but you know.

In The Burning Crusade everything made sense to me. I was Orkishna Tank of XII trying my best to down Bosses for fun with my friends. Everything was spectacualar, My favourite fight being Alar. I will always remember Gowron nagging me to taunt because of Molten armour. Those were great times. Everything was simple.

Now I come to Wrath and Im sort of thinking well why bother with raiding? Im a Disciplne raiding priest trying to kill some old god? or at least i think thats what im doing? Where is all the fun in Ulduar? I have yet to find a fight that is anything near as fun as Alar. I raid and kill razorscale and such but why? dual specs? Retadins coming high in damage? Gah in TBC the closest thing we had to a retlol was snaterman who didn't do that great :P

When it comes down to it the only reason im still playing is pvp. It is the only aspect left of the game that I enjoy, While on the arena realms we unfortunatly didn't have 3 skilled active players and so we gave up. Season 5 was a mess!

Currently in 2v2 I am enjoying it a hell of a lot, We don't play enough games in my opinion. I really want to just tackle it head on. Everytime i do pvp I set myself in place my priests place. So many decisions. When to mana burn, when to fear, My health my mana my oponents health and mana, my partners health. These are all the things im looking at while paying attention to my surroundings. I used to hate lordaeron untill i learned how to use it properly.


Ring of Valor in my opinion was a great idea. But Blizzard have took this great idea and made it crap. Moving pillars, starting 10 feet away from your enemy with flame walls appearing every now and again really puts a spin on it. I feel like im in the great colluseum. But in Arena its just not practical. It doesn't work. So many petitions have been made for it to be removed but meh? Who gives a shit about how bad it is.

So do I give up Pve all together or stick at the whole morbid affair?

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