Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Am i just retarded?

Well here we go 10/06/09. Its 22:49.

First we lost to shaman warlock combo twice, They were less skilled than us yet we still fucked ourselves so far up the ass we couldn't bring the game back. Dispel fears heal my self through that stupid destro locks ass rapes. It just wasn't happening kill fel hunter and he instant casts it back? really fun...

Holy paladin deathknight
Hmm we should have won this. I am so damn dissapointed with myself for such a bad perfomance. We used a textbook strategy and yet still managed to fuck it up so bad that its unreal. Chemp goes on the other DK in a lock. This in theory means i will be healing/mana burning the paladin till we win the game, but oh no we just had to fuck up what to me is now an easyier combo than ever.

Then we lost to the final most agitating game of the lot. Feral druid Disc priest. Now obviously priest v priest can be a struggle. Chemp can't always stick onto a disc priest and nukes the drood, me and the other priest are locked in our own war, Mana burn, run round the pillar mana burn some more etc penance to heal up chemp.Yet I still managed to fuck up what should have been an enjoyable game.

Lets face it? am i kidding myself that when a team with remote skill comes along...we lose? Is this how its gonna be from now on? I re-rolled priest from warrior for better pvp chances in wrath but now i feel i am just messing it all up. 2 wins 4 losses IS NOT ACCEPTIBLE. We didn't even get zerged by cleave teams this time. We have NO EXCUSE for our poor performance,

To be quite frank if i carry on being so fucking useless and a waste of space we won't even qualify for challanger.

Gowron is right mind, Writing it down really helps you to think about things. My new 3v3 of Rouge mage priest (cough scrub) is not going that well either, Every member of that team still has a lot to learn.

Lets just hope we can pull the finger out before its too late....

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