Monday, 29 June 2009

Facerollz, Chemp and Flame war

Okay, it is the day after my big pissed off explosion of being out played by a Hunter Priest team which made my arena partner dissapear for the night (or so i thought) I read his blog and the hunter hit him with the dreaded bluescreen! fucking marksman hunters hey? not only silence me but hit his comp! run to the hillz!

So anyway on saturday night i was playing on a friends retlol and i was second damge :'( So i decided to try and Faceroll on Patchwerk! Top dps ftw! It seriously works, Everyone else in the room were laughing so hard at me but meh? who gives a fuck.

As im writing this im listening to the awesome we didn't start the flame war song, it rocks so good.

So were are we now?

Sorta screwed, I'll see if chemp wants to carry on first, If not fair enough, I will have to find another if he wishes to stop.

Well my rouge (Gipzy) has had an operation and now can't currently play so im just waiting for him to get better

Get well soon!

So lets hope things turn out ok.


Sunday, 28 June 2009

Enough is Enough

Well there is only so much 1200 rating 2v2 pvp i can take, its that annoying that my 2v2 team just isn't working. We have tried our best to make our Unholy Death Knight Disciplne priest work.

It should be working up untill about 1800 rating but we just can't seem to make it work. Its fair enough beating around the bush and claiming our enemy were overpowered and we are more skilled than them, Well we got out played like 5 times by a Hunter Priest. Its annoying to have to admit but we just ain't playing the way we should,

Hopefully in my 3v3 team i can gain some extra gear and make my character better than she is atm, I hope that Chemp maybe goes and hunts down a drood for the 2v2 so he can laugh and me and kill me in 2v2 rofl (we all know chemp can take me 1v1) (Tru Fax!)

Maybe we will reform our team and try again or maybe I'll hunt a rogue or warrior? God knows. I just wanna get on with it and play chain arena games even if we did do bad, i like to still play and at least gain some rating, Chempo just got so pissed off i think that he burns out everytime we play 2v2 lol (inc Xmas pressie)


Friday, 26 June 2009

So long and thanks for all the fish

Okay, so here goes.

Today me and Chemp have left our raiding guild, XII, Why? Unfortunatly I do not see eye to eye with the idea of kicking loads of past members. I personally just left. Fair enough I am not the GM nor an officer of XII and at the end of the day, that decision ultimatly lies with Slimpimp/Placebo. I still respect him for being that funny bloke.

I would like to take a moment to show some respect to all of the officers of XII and i hope that no bad feelings will be felt between us but only time will tell. So im afraid that for the moment I will be parting my ways with XII and probably finding some random shit to do.

I am now going to be focusing on Arena a hell of a lot more and focusing on the art of playing my Discipline priest.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Silver Lining

Okay. Tonight we played a total of 27 games and won 20, It has been a great night at The Hq of Orkishna.

Firstly 3v3 I had some good experiences working now as part of an RMP, This is so called scrub but meh? Ensidia do it. We won 5 games and lost 5 so far, we weren't using vent and my Mage was playing on a shaky connection. The team is as follows
Darknesser Mage (frost)
Gipzy Rogue (Subtlty)
Healishna Priest (Disciplne)

I have started noticing that in 3v3 there is not as much aggressive play on my part in this combo. I am working with two glass classes and I myself sometimes feel i am like glass. I play more defencivly. I have to Rinse the target to start with when i get a moment to get rid of any buffs i can. Main buffs that i hate are. Mark of the Wild, Thorns Fortitude Shadow prot Blessing of Might. During the games Gipzy my rouge normally goes hunting for the enemy and I make sure him and dark are topped, removing any CC i can and when i can i use spells such as dispel magic, holy fire, But rarely mana burn. Why? at the momernt mana burn isn't that strong and can sometimes be more of a hinderence to me,

Deadlymilk Deathknight (Unholy) aka Chemp
Healishna Priest (Disciplne) aka Orkishna

In 2v2 we have had a great week. we have won 25 lost 19. We are currently still learning and have a long way to go before either of us manage to get Gladiator which is one of my long terms goals. Chemp has Finally managed to sort out his interupt problems and i have managed to sort out using my cool downs. In arena sometimes im on like 5k hp and I don't ever use pain surpression. I have finally started using it to its full potential alongside Power Infusion. Little developments like this go a LONG way towards playing at a good standard. Maybe if we work a bit harder we could hit 2k rating.

Upgrades list
This is a new section so i can see how my character is developing as i look back.

Furious Ring(need 1500 rating)
Furious Belt(need 1500 rating)
(not exact values, just what i want)
(Drood) level 60(44atm)
Flame keeper

Good night all


Saturday, 20 June 2009

Changes in 3.2

The newest season of Arena gear can only be purchased if you meet the requirements with your 3 or 5 player team rating. Rating requirements from 2 player teams can still be used to purchase the previous season of gear.

I am still undecided as to whether this is a good thing or not. It won't personally "destroy" 2v2 gfor me as many players have suggested but it will probably reduce the ammount of players. But saying that there is still those yummy Gladiator titles up for grabs

Dalaran Sewers
The entire Arena has increased in size by 25%.
Mounts can now be used in this Arena.
The position and collision of the crates on the central platform has been modified.
Okay then, personally Dalaran sewers is one of my favourite arenas. Currently my list of favourite arenas stands at
1) Dalaran
2) Nagrand
3) Blades Edge
4) Ruins of Loraeron
5) Ring of Valour
So anyway the changes here will make it for me a same game as loraderon. The reasons i like Dalaran is because there is no mounts and it is a small arena. I can kite people around in it. but now it will be a very different ballgame :I The changes to the crates will probably be a good things since they are increasing the size.

Ruins of Lordaeron
Alcoves have been removed from the starting chambers.
Two line-of-sight tombstones have been added to the slime pool on the southern side of the map.
The collision around the central tomb has been smoothed out to prevent players from becoming stuck on the terrain as often.

Okay now lordaron used to be my most hated arena until i learned how it worked and what it was all about. in my opinion the arena was fine and didn't really need to be changed. saying that thought hopefully those tombstones will make it so players will use the whole arena instead of the 10-20 yards around the tomb.

Prayer of Healing: The percentage of spell power this spell gains in healing (per target) has been reduced from 80.7% to 52.6%.
Penance: Cooldown increased to 12 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
Inspiration: The buff from this ability now reduces the physical damage taken by the target by 3/7/10% instead of increasing the target's armor

Hmm okay then. Currently this stands as a nerf on the disciplne penance spell but one that i can understand and maybe it was needed. The changes to inspiration will make it a major part of pvp from now on i belive, especcially now lots of people are talking about going divine ageis.

Divine ageis gives 30% of your critical heal ina shield. This is great when used in arena on spells such as greater heal which has the ability to crit 10-12k. lets say i crit a 10k that would roughly give me 3000 points of damage absorbtion, (I can finally work out percentages thanks to Argana). So if you combine this with critical strike gear you can get around 20-30% crit chance on your penance/greaer heals. I currently stand at around 20-22% in 2v2 but i also have some mp5 gear on. The only drawback of critcal gearing is that you lose what little mp5 us priests have left.

Now incoming inspiration, this is going to be A another trash buff to piss off shamans, B a great damage reduction aftera crit making Divine ageis spec look even more yummy!

Armored to the Teeth: This talent now provides 1/2/3 attack power per 108 armor, up from per 180 armor.

As i also play a warrior i decided I will also look at this warrior change. It is a very basic change that will make warriors hit harder. lets say you have 18000 armour for arguments sake this used to grant you 300 attack power. It will now grant you 500 attack power. this extra 200 attack power is well worth it and is going to be a good little damage addition that affects all 3 warrior specs.

Okay then so overall not a bad change for my two current PvP characters.

The Night of the Living Sajuuk

Its Saturday evening and so far its been great, Me and chemp did very bad in arena, 5 wins 10 losses.

But i did have lots of fun later on that night with my old class leader Sajuuk, We were doing 2v2 skirmish and having great fun. He's much more awesome than we sometimes give him credit for :P

Now then my druid is currently level 43 and im still going to take him to 80, Its been greatr so far and im still going strong. I am leveling as a feral bear (kitty to kill elites). Leveling a druid is fun but now as changes to the game are incoming i may wait a little to see the lay of the land before i step into arena with my druid.

I am also thinking of changing my priests spec a little to try and even out my play to improve. I have recently specced into rapture which has improved my mana by lots. I also now have 5/5 divine fury giving me more punch when it comes to playing more offencivly. I am also now using my free global cooldowns to drop off more offencive play rather than unneccessary overhealing.

As for Orkishna this month he has pretty much been benched, To be honest the changes upcoming in the new patch are going to be really strange. Lets see how it plays out though eh?

Monday, 15 June 2009

Here little Kitty

Okay so me and Chemp played 40+ games this week, and lets face it everytime we came up against a druid (resto) we were screwed. So after a long night of Arena in which we started at 1124 rating we ended up with 1209 rating. For 50+ games that is really harsh.

So where did most of our losses come from, Simple Druid and Melee, Chemp can't peel the melee coz of roots. I can't get time to dispel it 24/7. Then coems the inevitable Cyclone spam! They never seem to go oom, when we eventually get them oom they cylcone me, pop barkskin and boom full mana again.

So here I am about to reroll, druid. Here is the story basically I started the game as a prot warrior in Tbc. In the 2009 Arena tournament i played a druid (S5) Druids weren't so great back then so i decided to roll priest on lve realms not drood, Now i am regretting that change and will be rerolling drood when i get a spare few mins here and there.

Some may ask are you mad re rolling you nub just coz droods are OP atm, Well heres the thing. I have a real life friend (Death knight) Called Rydén And he is being boosted by a druid lol, It kinda sucks when really unskilled players have better team then you. Oh well thanks for making pvp casual ghostcrawler :P

Current level 80's
Orkishna Protection warrior
Healishna Disciplne priest

Things to do... Leveling the Orkishna way

Go to auction house and purchase the following regents
Pots and drinks
Make a new playlist for my long trek to 80.

I am a slow leveler so It will take a while but hey? Im level 30 at the mo so i should hopefully be 80 soon.
30-80 hopefully less than 2 months if i zerg it.
I will be leveling as Feral then going Resto at 80 (Inc tree of life nerf btw) So my current plans are to reach there and honor grind so that I will be able to do arena with my partner, I will still pvp on my priest but hopefully playing druid will be good.

Anyways im off to bed, Tomorrow the leveling zerg begins...


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Am i just retarded?

Well here we go 10/06/09. Its 22:49.

First we lost to shaman warlock combo twice, They were less skilled than us yet we still fucked ourselves so far up the ass we couldn't bring the game back. Dispel fears heal my self through that stupid destro locks ass rapes. It just wasn't happening kill fel hunter and he instant casts it back? really fun...

Holy paladin deathknight
Hmm we should have won this. I am so damn dissapointed with myself for such a bad perfomance. We used a textbook strategy and yet still managed to fuck it up so bad that its unreal. Chemp goes on the other DK in a lock. This in theory means i will be healing/mana burning the paladin till we win the game, but oh no we just had to fuck up what to me is now an easyier combo than ever.

Then we lost to the final most agitating game of the lot. Feral druid Disc priest. Now obviously priest v priest can be a struggle. Chemp can't always stick onto a disc priest and nukes the drood, me and the other priest are locked in our own war, Mana burn, run round the pillar mana burn some more etc penance to heal up chemp.Yet I still managed to fuck up what should have been an enjoyable game.

Lets face it? am i kidding myself that when a team with remote skill comes along...we lose? Is this how its gonna be from now on? I re-rolled priest from warrior for better pvp chances in wrath but now i feel i am just messing it all up. 2 wins 4 losses IS NOT ACCEPTIBLE. We didn't even get zerged by cleave teams this time. We have NO EXCUSE for our poor performance,

To be quite frank if i carry on being so fucking useless and a waste of space we won't even qualify for challanger.

Gowron is right mind, Writing it down really helps you to think about things. My new 3v3 of Rouge mage priest (cough scrub) is not going that well either, Every member of that team still has a lot to learn.

Lets just hope we can pull the finger out before its too late....

1450 here we come

1450 rating is my next target for me and deadly in our 2v2. Last night we played about 10 games and won at least 7 of them. Unfortunatly i have yet to record any or get some screenies :'(

Me and deadly seem to operate best in "ruins of lordaeron". I used to personally hate this arena but i now find it very interesting. As our teams healer I often find myself with the difficult job of kiting angry dps. It sometimes can also be very addictive when i start mana burning. I must learn some more discipline when facing people in arenas, Not only do i sometimes go on a dispel spree and tunnel vision but also sometimes i waste my penance to heal 2000-3000 damage which could be better saved and use Prayer of mending instead.

I am currently sitting most comfortably on 780 resilience and 20k hp. My job is actually made better by Deadlymilk beign very good at peeling so i am very fortunate, once both of us get our gear to furious I believe we can at least obtain the challanger title. I am keen to work hard towards this goal and have recently took up enchanting in order to gain 38 spell power or 24 stamina. This will pay off eventually when i need that last few bits of stamina or maybe i could drop other things for items such as spell penetration.

We are currently rank 2293 on the vindication battle group and have 1117 rating. I am confident in our ability to make this better and to get at least 1.5k rating and have a great time. last night i was surprised when my arena partner deadlymilk offered to do a few more games last minute which paid off.

Orkishna signing off

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Is this really it?

Is this really it I am asking myself?

Can i really be bothered if it keeps happening the same way over and over again?

Currently I am personally bored with Wrath of the Lich king raiding, I don't really understand why but you know.

In The Burning Crusade everything made sense to me. I was Orkishna Tank of XII trying my best to down Bosses for fun with my friends. Everything was spectacualar, My favourite fight being Alar. I will always remember Gowron nagging me to taunt because of Molten armour. Those were great times. Everything was simple.

Now I come to Wrath and Im sort of thinking well why bother with raiding? Im a Disciplne raiding priest trying to kill some old god? or at least i think thats what im doing? Where is all the fun in Ulduar? I have yet to find a fight that is anything near as fun as Alar. I raid and kill razorscale and such but why? dual specs? Retadins coming high in damage? Gah in TBC the closest thing we had to a retlol was snaterman who didn't do that great :P

When it comes down to it the only reason im still playing is pvp. It is the only aspect left of the game that I enjoy, While on the arena realms we unfortunatly didn't have 3 skilled active players and so we gave up. Season 5 was a mess!

Currently in 2v2 I am enjoying it a hell of a lot, We don't play enough games in my opinion. I really want to just tackle it head on. Everytime i do pvp I set myself in place my priests place. So many decisions. When to mana burn, when to fear, My health my mana my oponents health and mana, my partners health. These are all the things im looking at while paying attention to my surroundings. I used to hate lordaeron untill i learned how to use it properly.


Ring of Valor in my opinion was a great idea. But Blizzard have took this great idea and made it crap. Moving pillars, starting 10 feet away from your enemy with flame walls appearing every now and again really puts a spin on it. I feel like im in the great colluseum. But in Arena its just not practical. It doesn't work. So many petitions have been made for it to be removed but meh? Who gives a shit about how bad it is.

So do I give up Pve all together or stick at the whole morbid affair?

Monday, 8 June 2009

Trials of Dalaran

So this is the first blog,

I made this site today just to write my experiences and how im feeling. The date is 07/06/09.

To start with my Name is Grant Abernethy or Abbo to my friends.

My characters on World of Warcraft are Orkishna and Healishna and my guild currently is XII. My best friend in the world is a guy called Chemp. He also plays World of Warcraft. We do so many things together online (nothing dodgey :P) I have stayed up till the early hours of the morning to talk to him before. I feel he's more a brother to me than a friend.
His characters are Chemp Deadlymilk Bleedmore

So what to write in my first blog huh? I think i should get straight to the point. I enjoy pvp, I want to improve my skills and obtain a title and maybe one day get Gladiator?

We will start with what i play.
Orkishna warrior arms
Healishna Priest Discipline

My main PvP character at the moment is my priest and I am currently doing 2's with my arena partner Deadlymilk. We are Death Knight Discipline Priest. There are many different tactics we adopt during our games and although Chemp sometimes doesn't know it. If I tell him to stick to something it may not neccesarily be to kill. It might be just to outlast them or put pressure onto our opposition. Chemp and me are now working very well and have started clawing our way up the arena ratings while playing 10-15 games a week. I personally would love to be doing 50 odd games a week but time is quite pressed for our team.

Here is an example of a recent game we lost and why we lost it.
Deathknight Druid vs Disc priest Deathknight (me and chemp) in dalaran sewers

The game started off very well, the enemy death knight was closing on me and chemp was closing on the druid. My idea was to out last the druid and force him to cast instead of HoTing the death knight. This went well to start with but the druid just kept slipping offa nd drinking all the time I was getting off mana burns etc but the druid wasn't going OOM without a fight. In the end the deathknight got the kill on me because i was completly out of tricks. The druid just kept on line of sighting us and getting away with travel form.

The result was we lose and chemp annihalated his Headphones :'(
Now next time i am eager to try just setting chemp onto the enemy death knight forcing the druid to heal and stand close while i will dispell/mana burn the drood and force him into making mistakes.

After games i always try to work out how I went wrong and what I can do to better my performance next time. I am slightly obsessive when it comes down to things such as arena and making sure i don't lose again.

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading my first blog


x x x