Monday, 15 June 2009

Here little Kitty

Okay so me and Chemp played 40+ games this week, and lets face it everytime we came up against a druid (resto) we were screwed. So after a long night of Arena in which we started at 1124 rating we ended up with 1209 rating. For 50+ games that is really harsh.

So where did most of our losses come from, Simple Druid and Melee, Chemp can't peel the melee coz of roots. I can't get time to dispel it 24/7. Then coems the inevitable Cyclone spam! They never seem to go oom, when we eventually get them oom they cylcone me, pop barkskin and boom full mana again.

So here I am about to reroll, druid. Here is the story basically I started the game as a prot warrior in Tbc. In the 2009 Arena tournament i played a druid (S5) Druids weren't so great back then so i decided to roll priest on lve realms not drood, Now i am regretting that change and will be rerolling drood when i get a spare few mins here and there.

Some may ask are you mad re rolling you nub just coz droods are OP atm, Well heres the thing. I have a real life friend (Death knight) Called Rydén And he is being boosted by a druid lol, It kinda sucks when really unskilled players have better team then you. Oh well thanks for making pvp casual ghostcrawler :P

Current level 80's
Orkishna Protection warrior
Healishna Disciplne priest

Things to do... Leveling the Orkishna way

Go to auction house and purchase the following regents
Pots and drinks
Make a new playlist for my long trek to 80.

I am a slow leveler so It will take a while but hey? Im level 30 at the mo so i should hopefully be 80 soon.
30-80 hopefully less than 2 months if i zerg it.
I will be leveling as Feral then going Resto at 80 (Inc tree of life nerf btw) So my current plans are to reach there and honor grind so that I will be able to do arena with my partner, I will still pvp on my priest but hopefully playing druid will be good.

Anyways im off to bed, Tomorrow the leveling zerg begins...


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