Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Silver Lining

Okay. Tonight we played a total of 27 games and won 20, It has been a great night at The Hq of Orkishna.

Firstly 3v3 I had some good experiences working now as part of an RMP, This is so called scrub but meh? Ensidia do it. We won 5 games and lost 5 so far, we weren't using vent and my Mage was playing on a shaky connection. The team is as follows
Darknesser Mage (frost)
Gipzy Rogue (Subtlty)
Healishna Priest (Disciplne)

I have started noticing that in 3v3 there is not as much aggressive play on my part in this combo. I am working with two glass classes and I myself sometimes feel i am like glass. I play more defencivly. I have to Rinse the target to start with when i get a moment to get rid of any buffs i can. Main buffs that i hate are. Mark of the Wild, Thorns Fortitude Shadow prot Blessing of Might. During the games Gipzy my rouge normally goes hunting for the enemy and I make sure him and dark are topped, removing any CC i can and when i can i use spells such as dispel magic, holy fire, But rarely mana burn. Why? at the momernt mana burn isn't that strong and can sometimes be more of a hinderence to me,

Deadlymilk Deathknight (Unholy) aka Chemp
Healishna Priest (Disciplne) aka Orkishna

In 2v2 we have had a great week. we have won 25 lost 19. We are currently still learning and have a long way to go before either of us manage to get Gladiator which is one of my long terms goals. Chemp has Finally managed to sort out his interupt problems and i have managed to sort out using my cool downs. In arena sometimes im on like 5k hp and I don't ever use pain surpression. I have finally started using it to its full potential alongside Power Infusion. Little developments like this go a LONG way towards playing at a good standard. Maybe if we work a bit harder we could hit 2k rating.

Upgrades list
This is a new section so i can see how my character is developing as i look back.

Furious Ring(need 1500 rating)
Furious Belt(need 1500 rating)
(not exact values, just what i want)
(Drood) level 60(44atm)
Flame keeper

Good night all


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