Wednesday, 10 June 2009

1450 here we come

1450 rating is my next target for me and deadly in our 2v2. Last night we played about 10 games and won at least 7 of them. Unfortunatly i have yet to record any or get some screenies :'(

Me and deadly seem to operate best in "ruins of lordaeron". I used to personally hate this arena but i now find it very interesting. As our teams healer I often find myself with the difficult job of kiting angry dps. It sometimes can also be very addictive when i start mana burning. I must learn some more discipline when facing people in arenas, Not only do i sometimes go on a dispel spree and tunnel vision but also sometimes i waste my penance to heal 2000-3000 damage which could be better saved and use Prayer of mending instead.

I am currently sitting most comfortably on 780 resilience and 20k hp. My job is actually made better by Deadlymilk beign very good at peeling so i am very fortunate, once both of us get our gear to furious I believe we can at least obtain the challanger title. I am keen to work hard towards this goal and have recently took up enchanting in order to gain 38 spell power or 24 stamina. This will pay off eventually when i need that last few bits of stamina or maybe i could drop other things for items such as spell penetration.

We are currently rank 2293 on the vindication battle group and have 1117 rating. I am confident in our ability to make this better and to get at least 1.5k rating and have a great time. last night i was surprised when my arena partner deadlymilk offered to do a few more games last minute which paid off.

Orkishna signing off

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