Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Night of the Living Sajuuk

Its Saturday evening and so far its been great, Me and chemp did very bad in arena, 5 wins 10 losses.

But i did have lots of fun later on that night with my old class leader Sajuuk, We were doing 2v2 skirmish and having great fun. He's much more awesome than we sometimes give him credit for :P

Now then my druid is currently level 43 and im still going to take him to 80, Its been greatr so far and im still going strong. I am leveling as a feral bear (kitty to kill elites). Leveling a druid is fun but now as changes to the game are incoming i may wait a little to see the lay of the land before i step into arena with my druid.

I am also thinking of changing my priests spec a little to try and even out my play to improve. I have recently specced into rapture which has improved my mana by lots. I also now have 5/5 divine fury giving me more punch when it comes to playing more offencivly. I am also now using my free global cooldowns to drop off more offencive play rather than unneccessary overhealing.

As for Orkishna this month he has pretty much been benched, To be honest the changes upcoming in the new patch are going to be really strange. Lets see how it plays out though eh?

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