Thursday, 30 July 2009



33W -17L
Been going very good on the 2's front, i made my new team today with Fister from Afk, Very fun :P

We beat most other teams, We lost 2 games to a retlol Moonkin in a RNG rage lol :P It was early in the morning so we were both tired (9am is early for me!)


We got the achievement Three's company 1550 and we are getting better and im now even better geared, Been enjoying playing PMR and taking down most other teams, Its mostly fun experiences. The main teams that take us out are DKLD which are damn annoying because having two pets which have an interupt is annoying when they are attacking you.

In other news, Chemp has decided to ignore me because im now playing 2's with a rogue from afk. All i can say is Meh, I hope he decides to unignore me soon. But meh? what more can i do


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