Monday, 27 July 2009

The good with the bad

Firstly before i begin, Mr Sajuuk my ex class leader has left WoW, I just wanna thank him for some great laughs :P

I am now in a new team with a player named "Fister" he is a rogue and we play rogue priest. Our combo is working perfectly I play more aggresivly with my new combo, we will be starting a proper team next weekend i hope.


30-21 1566 rating

Me Darknesser and Gipzy have been working hard to win more games, we will be getting the challenger title at the end of the season if we carry on working, RMP is a fun combo to work on and i enjoy every game, We lost two games due to DC but meh, We also lost to a full furious Retlol rogue priest which basically took us out in one hit everytim, They were 2300 rating mind.

I will have to gear up a bit more.

Orki out

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