Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Weekend at Ettarean and Argana's House Part 1!!!


I arrived at Lancaster at around 3 o'clockish. Me and Lucy went to grab my first ever Subway!!! After this we went to the supermarket and had a bus ride to the good old village of which i can't quite remember the name :O

I arrived at the house of David and Lucy and was warmly welcomed by a very exited dog called bobby and a friendly warlock...David!!! I got settled in and had a nice sit on the awesome sofa. Lucy decided she wanted to go upstairs and have a nap, So david showed me this awesome addon thing, which turned his combat log into a graph, We could see who was failing at what etc, it was great fun, He's a VERY smart guy, Bordering on genius. While David was explaining all this cool stuff, I was getting to know the Bobby better, Lucy awoke and made a very tasty Tomatoe pasta dish, nom nom nom. We were then watching the athletics and decided to go to bed shortly after.

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